License agreement


April 2016

1. License extent
A license gives access to IPMwise. A license is personal and must not be shared. A license is valid for 1 year and is automatically renewed unless cancelled according to §7

2. Delivery and payment
IPMwise is delivered as an online service. Billing starts by the licensees accept to subscribe. If payment is not received within the period stated at the invoice access to IPMwise can be annulled.

3. Illegal copying
Licensee can use IPMwise on the licensees equipment. Licensee must ensure to delete access credential in case the equipment is sold to a third party.

4. Immateriel rights
Licensor has all rights to the software and the immaterial rights.

5. Authorisation and logging
Licensee accepts that licensor makes authorisation control by log in and can log the use of IPMwise in order for access control and to improve the software. Information is not passed on to third parties.

6. Liability
Licensor can not be held liable for direct or indirect losses or damages. It is the licensees responsibility to ensure correct use of herbicides according to labels and legislation.

7. Duration
This agreement continues until the licensee or licensor terminates the agreement in writing at least 7 days before annual renewal.

8. (data policy) GDPR
Licensor keeps information such as names and addresses and other information in order for a licensee to retrieve information related to the use of IPMwise. Licensor will keep licensees information safe. The licensee has a right for insight in data, rights to be deleted and rights to change his information. Licensor will not pass licensee information to a third party.

9. Change of conditions and prices
In case of future changes in conditions and prices the licensee may opt out according to §7

10. Violation
In case of violation of the conditions the licensee may be held responsible according to Spanish law.

By purchase of a license I as licensee accepts the terms above including the datapolicy

Licensee: The purchaser and user of a license to IPMwise
Licensor: José Maria Montull and IPMconsult ApS
Data responsible: José Maria Montull and IPMconsult ApS

Address on licensor and data responsible:
José Maria Montull
Universidad de Lleida
Av. de l'Alcalde Rovira Roure, 191
E-25198 Lleida