Options to subscribe

Contact José Maria Montull at - or subscribe doing it yourself by following the instructions below

New subscription

To become a subscriber, first "Register" yourself with your information in the top menu bar. By doing this you obtain a login and password. In the registration process you will be asked to confirm your email address in an email we send to you.

When you have confirmed your emai you have to login to IPMwise. Now you can subscribe by clicking on one of the tools in the top menu bar (e.g. Consultation).

On the subscription page you can now select if you are a farmer or have another profession, e.g. advisor and the size of your farm. Select the subscription package you prefer and subscribe to it. Your information is then passed on to Datalogisk A/S, which is a partner of IPM Consult. Datalogisk will then administer your subscription and give you hotline and support as well as doing the billing


If you want access to a tool not included in your current subscription click on the tool and select the package that includes the tool. Datalogisk will handle the proper balancing according to the amount you have already paid.


Unsubscribing must be done in writing by contacting José Maria Montull at latest 7 days after the billing date for next subscription period e.g. in an email to We also draw your attention to the license conditions on the IPMwise website