Tool of the future

IPMwise is a 4th generation decision support system (DSS) for targeted and precise weed control. The tools in IPMwise are based upon the results of danish research during 6 decades and is developed by IPM Consult, owned by Per Rydahl and Ole Mission Bøjer. IPM Consult was established in 2014.

The practical experience with herbicides, development, decision support and related systems for control of weeds for more than 40 years as employees at Aarhus University has made it possible to develop a completely new set of tools setting the standard for systems for weed control. In other words, IPMwise is state-of-the-art in this field.

User centered
The basis is the needs of farmers and advisors and their current challenges. Analysis of the needs lead to a concept gratifying both the needs and challenges. The initial purpose was to develop an indispensable and modern set of tools. A high degree of flexibility has therefore been built in both from a user perspective and from a system perspective in the IT-structure with an efficient database and code with high performance.

Prepared for the future
IPMwise deals with current challenges like the increased resistance risk related to herbicides along with still fewer marketed herbicides. This is one of the readons why IPMwise is well prepared for the future and upcoming demands and needs.

High degree of safety
The development of IPMwise went on from 2014 until the first official release in 2016. In december 2015 the first proof-of-concept was ready, and since march 2016 an intensive effort has been going on to analyze data from official sources and agrochemical companies to get ready for release. One of the goals was to enable direct use of IPMwise without previous testing in fields. Therefore, the calculations in IPMwise was added extra safety compared to previous methods.

Efficient interactions
IPM Consult participate in projects aiming for automated recognition of weed species and integration with field management software, giving an efficient interaction with IPMwise for the benefit of users. IPM Consult is constantly focusing on the usefulness of IPMwise and to develop new tools to improve productivity of endusers.

In 2016 a strategic partnership was formed between Datalogisk og IPM Consult, the first step involving selling and promotion of IPMWise. The partnership is scheduled to develop further in the coming years.